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Serving Western Wisconsin & the Twin Cities

“My mother was my first country, the first place I ever lived.” ― Nayyirah Waheed

Eau Claire doula

Welcome!  I'm Diana!

Birth doula.  Mother.  Wife.  Lover of nature, food and good books.  Homebirth and midwifery enthusiast.  Longtime birth advocate.

Matrescence is my full spectrum doula practice serving Western Wisconsin and Minnesota's Twin Cities.  Named for the enormous social and emotional initiation into parenthood, the Matrescence mission is to honor the the full range of reproductive experiences, from fertility through birth, postpartum through becoming a parent again, and more.

I offer a range of non-clinical services including preconception consults, prenatal and postpartum care, labor and birth support, information, referrals and advocacy, and pregnancy loss support.  My service area spans from Greater Eau Claire to Minneapolis.  I specialize in VBAC, homebirth and hypnosis for birth.

Matrescence is an inclusive practice.  I strive to provide compassionate, affirming care to people of all backgrounds, identities and family structures.  I look forward to supporting you in your unique journey.

Prepare for a powerful, connected labor and delivery.

Thrive after baby with a healing, supported recovery.

Claim your right to respectful maternity care.


Words can't express how grateful I am to Diana for the extraordinary care she provided me.  Diana listened intently during our sessions leading up to the birth and understood my concerns.  We put together a sound birth plan, including a natural birth.  She was very thoughtful in her regular check-ins as my due date neared.  When the big day came, I felt prepared and knew that I had someone I could rely on and look to for support.  I was able to see through my birth plan and know she played a crucial role in it.  I would highly recommend Diana to anyone looking for an uplifting and encouraging presence during any type of birth.  I only wish I had her for my first two hospital births.  Her postpartum visit was a meaningful one as we relived how wonderful the 3rd childbirth experience was.  Also, I can't rave enough about her magical postpartum padsicles!  A must-buy!


2020 birth doula client

Wisconsin VBAC

"Diana is a brilliant and intentional ally to have on your birth team.  She is a wealth of knowledge, resources, and most importantly radical support.  Her coaching and physical presence allowed me to feel safe enough to dive deep into labor and to trust that each new phase was progressing as it should. I felt my voice was amplified by hers, keeping my care team informed, keeping me safe, keeping me in power...

With a lot of personal preparation, my husband, Diana, my midwives/nurses/OB, and some alternative body work, I was able to deliver a healthy baby vaginally, with no injury and no medication. Achieving this goal was beyond my expectations, and I know I would not have had the endurance, presence of mind and feeling of robust support without Diana's talented healing presence."


2020 VBAC client

Wisconsin birth doula
"Diana was a vital member of my support team during the labor and delivery of my first child.  My husband and I hired a doula because we wanted an independent advocate who would put our needs first and help us ask the right questions of those involved in our care to obtain the birth we desired...
Leading up to the birth, Diana was able to help us gain clarity during an unexpected situation and help us determine what questions to ask the providers to decide on the best path forward.  She joined us when labor progressed quickly and helped my husband and I successfully navigate through the delivery.  I wouldn’t have been able to go through this life changing experience without the support, knowledge, and expertise she provided.  My husband and I would highly recommend Diana as your birth doula."


2020 birth doula client

Twin Cities birth doula

"Diana was with us every step of the way, before, during, and after the birth. She was frequently in contact and always ready to hop on the phone after one of my doctor's appointments if I was left with questions or needed some help with decision-making. Having Diana with us on the day of allowed my husband to focus on supporting me---she was such a calming and knowledgeable presence. Diana will always hold a very special place in our hearts, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any mother-to-be!"


2019 birth doula client

Twin Cities Birth advocate

"Your patient rights training was FANTASTIC! You are so incredibly knowledgable, interesting, dynamic etc etc! Your passion really comes through and I just love how clearly you explain such difficult and confusing topics. A doula who is a lawyer... MAN that is the COOLEST! THANK YOU for all you do for birthing families, as both a lawyer AND a doula and THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with professionals like me! I am so appreciative of this webinar today! I learned SO MUCH!"


Experienced L&D nurse


"Diana is a true consumer advocate and more knowledgeable on the research and guidelines related to pregnancy and birth than most providers I know. She is a rare gem that the maternity system needs more of."


OBGYN physician assistant