Sensitive and sophisticated doula support for your passage into parenthood.


Matrescence is a private doula service catering to Boston, MetroWest, the South Shore and Rhode Island.   Named for the cultural process of becoming a mother, the Matrescence mission is to honor the complex social and emotional aspects of birth and motherhood.  

Diana Snyder Birth Advocacy Lawyer

As a doula, I provide non-clinical care to Boston area women and families, including prenatal appointments to prepare for birth and postpartum, physical and emotional support during and after labor and delivery, general maternity consulting, information and referrals, breastfeeding and infant care instruction and support, and ceremonial offerings to honor the new mother, baby and family.  I am also an attorney with a practice focused on women's legal rights in birth, through which I offer customized patient advocacy services and Know Your Rights education.

I doula everywhere from Boston over to Worcester and down to Providence.  I am the first and only doula on the East Coast who is also a birth rights lawyer.  I look forward to supporting you in your unique journey.

- Diana Snyder


Prepare for a powerful, connected labor and delivery.

Thrive after baby with a healing, supported recovery.

Claim your right to respectful maternity care.


"Diana was a valuable source of information for me during my VBAC journey. She was emotionally supportive and shared important resources. Her knowledge and passion helped me get the birth I wanted."

P.B., mother


"Diana is a true consumer advocate and more knowledgeable on the research and guidelines related to pregnancy and birth than most providers I know. She is a rare gem that the maternity system needs more of."

K.G., Care Provider

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"I am so thankful for Diana. Information she shared inspired me to find an amazing group of midwives who treated me with warmth and respect throughout my entire pregnancy and homebirth, as an alternative to my local hospital, which I learned had a very high C-section rate."

S.W., Mother

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength"

- Barbara Katz Rothman