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Matrescence is a private birth doula service catering to Western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities.   Named for the cultural process of becoming a mother, the Matrescence mission is to honor the complex social and emotional aspects of birth and motherhood.  

Diana Snyder Birth Advocacy Lawyer

I'm Diana, and my passion is better maternity care.  I am a birth doula and patient rights attorney with seven years of experience in birth advocacy.  I strive to help my clients have a positive, life-affirming birth experience that honors their legal and human rights to dignity, informed consent, safety and bodily autonomy.

Although I am experienced supporting all types of births, I currently doula exclusively for families planning birth center births, home births, unmedicated hospital births, and VBACs, including HBAC (home birth after cesarean).

My goal is to provide inclusive and respectful care regardless of race, gender, orientation, family structure, religion or other beliefs.  I look forward to supporting you in your unique journey.

- Diana Snyder


Prepare for a powerful, connected labor and delivery.

Thrive after baby with a healing, supported recovery.

Claim your right to respectful maternity care.

Diana was a vital member of my support team during the labor and delivery of my first child.  My husband and I hired a doula because we wanted an independent advocate who would put our needs first and help us ask the right questions of those involved in our care to obtain the birth we desired.
During the in-home prenatal appointments, Diana was able to answer all our questions and concerns regarding labor and delivery as well as any issues that arose during my provider prenatal appointments to help guide us on what questions to ask.  She also walked us though techniques to help with labor and put all our concerns at ease.

The labor and delivery were the result of an unplanned induction that went very quickly.  Diana was able to help us gain clarity during an unexpected situation and help us determine what questions to ask the providers to decide on the best path forward.  She joined us when labor progressed quickly and helped my husband and I successfully navigate through the delivery.

I also found the postpartum appointment to be extremely valuable in helping to sort out the labor and delivery since it progressed so quickly.  Diana provided emotional support during this appointment to help me understand my feelings regarding the delivery.  She also provided additional resources to help me with the birth experience and breastfeeding.

I wouldn’t have been able to go through this life changing experience without the support, knowledge, and expertise she provided.  My husband and I would highly recommend Diana as your birth doula.


2020 birth doula client


Diana was with us every step of the way, before, during, and after the birth. She was frequently in contact and always ready to hop on the phone after one of my doctor's appointments if I was left with questions or needed some help with decision-making. Having Diana with us on the day of allowed my husband to focus on supporting me---she was such a calming and knowledgable presence. Diana will always hold a very special place in our hearts, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any mother-to-be!


2019 birth doula client


My husband and I had the honor of attending Diana's "Know your rights" presentation last week. Her passion and knowledge as well as her approachable demeanor made this an experience we want to share with others! She is a fountain of knowledge surrounding birth rights (get informed and know them! Diana is your woman!!) as well as doula care. Bravo Diana for your courage and passion to help women in this area.


2019 "Know Your Rights" attendee


I am a first time mom and Diana came to meet me prior to me hiring her as my doula. I liked her a lot for her knowledge and being calm and very kind. I was glad Diana was with my husband and me and helped me to be courageous when I had to have a c-section. She was also very supportive and helpful with her calming and confidence including her words when I had a hard labor prior to epidural.  She knew how doctors and nurses work in hospitals and what to do when we were not sure.  I also remember Diana keeping me hydrated during those 5 1/2 hours of trying to push 😅 She checked up on us periodically after birth and even came to visit us and the baby. I would definitely recommend Diana for any doula and postpartum services, thank you Diana!


2019 birth doula client


Your patient rights training was FANTASTIC! You are so incredibly knowledgable, interesting, dynamic etc etc! Your passion really comes through and I just love how clearly you explain such difficult and confusing topics. A doula who is a lawyer... MAN that is the COOLEST! THANK YOU for all you do for birthing families, as both a lawyer AND a doula and THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with professionals like me! I am so appreciative of this webinar today! I learned SO MUCH!


Experienced L&D nurse


"Diana is a true consumer advocate and more knowledgeable on the research and guidelines related to pregnancy and birth than most providers I know. She is a rare gem that the maternity system needs more of."


OBGYN physician assistant

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength"

- Barbara Katz Rothman