In addition to birth and postpartum doula support, I also offer general maternity consulting as a standalone service for folks with specific questions or concerns unrelated to doula care.

Maybe you need help making a birth plan, or understanding the option of home birth.  Maybe you are looking for strategies to advocate for yourself in the hospital setting, or for quality information about a particular issue.  No matter where your interests lie, I pride myself on offering solid resources and advice for expecting families.

Details and Pricing

My rate is $80/hr, billed in fifteen-minute increments and pro-rated as necessary.  I offer in-home consultations for local parents, as well as remote consulting for folks outside my service area.

Consulting with me involves a minimum of two appointments -- the first for you to share your questions and concerns, and for us to plan for how I can best address your needs, and the second for me to provide you individualized information and advice based on our first appointment.

Additional appointments or complimentary services can always be booked as needed.  Consulting clients who are not also hiring me as a birth doula are encouraged to pair consultation with "Know Your Rights" instruction for comprehensive birth preparation.