Last week, I wrote about some favorite Boston-area childbirth education options.  This week, I aim to assemble a more comprehensive list of complimentary practitioners and options to support a healthy mom, baby and birth.

Maybe you are longing for a relaxing prenatal massage, or some chiropractic care for lower back pain.  Maybe you are interested in optimizing your nutrition, or exploring prenatal yoga.  Perhaps herbalism or acupuncture appeal to you as natural ways to boost fertility, health or comfort.  Either way, because my clients often ask my recommendations, I am hopeful this list of well-regarded practitioners serving Greater Boston will be helpful, no matter where your needs lie.


Angela Bell Acupuncture, 186 Alewife Brook Pkwy #302, Cambridge

Angie Bell is a popular Boston area acupuncturist specializing in women’s health.  Located in the Fresh Pond Mall, she offers a variety of treatment options for pregnancy and birth, including techniques to promote more comfortable pregnancy, to turn breech babies and to promote spontaneous labor.

New Moon Acupuncture, 557 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown

Ece Yildirim is also a popular Boston area acupuncturist specializing in women’s health, including pregnancy, birth and postpartum wellness.  Ece teaches local workshops on acupressure for birth, and on balancing your hormones.

Yintuition Wellness, 551 Boylston (4th floor), Boston

Located in Boston’s Back Bay, Lea White and Ali Vander Baan run an acupuncture practice focused on fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and women’s health.  They are a trauma and pain-informed practice.  Both Lea and Ali are also Chinese herbalists.

Acupuncture Together, 2464 Massachusetts Ave #420, Cambridge

Dedicated to affordable, community acupuncture, Acupuncture Together offers sliding-scale options for acupuncture in the Boston area!  The specialists at this location treat pregnancy related conditions including morning sickness/nausea, digestive disturbances, insomnia, pain, breech position and need for labor induction.

Chiropractic care

Wholesome Healing Chiro, 581 Boylston St #504 B, Boston | 1350 Main Street, Walpole

With locations in the Back Bay and Walpole, Dr. Lizzie Sobel specializes in pregnancy, pediatric and postpartum chiropractic care.  She is certified in the Webster technique, which promotes optimal fetal positioning and has been known to turn breech babies.

Village Family Chiropractic, 126 Harvard Street, Brookline

Dr. Lisa Geiger is a Boston area chiropractor specializing in gentle perinatal and pediatric techniques to promote comfort, optimal fetal positioning and a comfortable postpartum.  She is also Webster certified and also integrates cranial sacral therapy and other modalities as necessary.

Harmony Chiropractic, 355 Kelley Blvd, North Attleboro

Dr. Jamielee Shanahan is a South Shore chiropractor offering gentle adjustments for pregnant women and new babies.  She is Webster certified.


Krystina Friedlander at Baraka Birth

Krystina is a highly regarded certified professional midwife, doula and herbalist serving Greater Boston in addition to New Hampshire.   She offers wellness consultations and recommendations about specific herbs or combinations of herbs that can assist in restoring balance to your health.  As a midwife, Kyrstina can also run lab work for in-person clients to assess for nutritional deficiencies, hormone levels, and more.  Her primary focus is reproductive health, especially fertility, pregnancy, and the postpartum, as well as menstrual irregularities, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, and other related challenges.

Emma O’Brien at Lavandoula

Emma O’Brien is a full-spectrum doula and herbalist serving the Greater Boston area.  She offers herbal consultations for fertility, autoimmune issues, comfort in pregnancy and more.  Emma is knowledgable about herbal safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Her practice focuses on using medicinal quality food, herbal teas and tinctures and prioritizing rest to find creative solutions that fit your life.


Blessington Birth, 82 Park Ave, Worcester 

For those in the MetroWest region of Boston, consider a trip to Worcester for bodywork with Rachel Blessington.  In addition to being a former labor and delivery nurse turned home birth midwife (CPM), Rachel is also an incredible massage therapist specializing in prenatal and postpartum treatments.  The trip will be well worth it!

Integrative Health & Wellness, 132 Great Road, Stow

Joy Mandler is a massage therapist specializing in pregnancy massage and postpartum recovery treatments.  For my cesarean mamas, Joy also offers cesarean scar treatments, which can be helpful for anything from releasing adhesions and reducing pain to lightening the color and flattening the feel of the scar.  Joy is a great option for those in the MetroWest area.

Massage Loft New England, 164 Washington Street # 104, Norwell

Housed in the South Shore Perinatal Wellness Center and with a second location at Open Circle RI in Providence, Ashleigh Dundas specializes in perinatal massage and birth.  She even trained as a midwifery assistant with the world-famous midwives at The Farm in Tennessee!  Ashleigh is a perfect option for those on the South Shore or South Coast.

Mahina Massage, 249 Elm Street, Somerville

A popular option for Boston area families, Asi Texeira offers both pregnancy and induction massage for expecting parents at Mahina Massage.

Boston Integrated Health, 581 Boylston Street #700B, Boston

Located in Boston’s Back Bay, the practitioners at BIH offer among other perinatal services pregnancy and postpartum massage for comfort and recovery.  Myofascial release work is also available.


Molly Geisler at Down to Earth Birth 

In addition to being a doula and homebirth midwife (CPM), Molly is a Somerville-based nutritionist serving the Greater Boston area.  She offers private nutrition reviews on a preconception, prenatal and even postpartum basis for those struggling with fertility, thinking of becoming pregnant, who are already pregnant or who want to optimize their postpartum health.  Molly also teaches  holistic nutrition classes in Boston and offers a postpartum cooking service designed to nourish new parents as they recover from birth.

Lexy Penney at Shanti Nutrtion

Seeing clients in Boston’s Copley Square, Lexy is a registered dietitian specializing in women’s health.  Lexy believes that food is medicine, and takes a holistic approach to health.  She accepts Harvard-Vanguard, Tufts and Blue Cross insurances and delivers her services through a combination of one-on-one counseling, yoga and group wellness sessions.

Danielle Shea Tan at Health Mamas for Happy Families

Danielle is a functional nutritionist and certified holistic health coach serving all of Massachusetts, including Boston, MetroWest, the South Shore and more.   She offers both private and in-person counseling on pre and postnatal holistic nutrition as well as family nutrition coaching.  She teaches in-person classes for parents and runs trainings for professionals all over the Boston area on such topics as introducing solids and allergens to babies, and winter wellness for expecting families.

Prenatal Yoga

Toni Strong at Everything & Yoga

Toni is a doula, wellness coach and private yoga instructor serving Greater Boston.  Whether you are a beginner, or have lots of experience, Toni guides clients through one-on-one, private yoga sessions that are tailor-made to serve their specific needs.  Toni brings her passion for birth work and wellness into all her services, helping clients conquer such complimentary practices as meditation, journaling, manifesting and vision boards, to assist in connecting to the best version of themselves in preparation for birth.

Rooted Boston, 72 Kneeland Street #202, Boston

Brigitte Arle is the owner and founder of this amazing yoga, pilates and wellness studio in Boston’s Chinatown, where she offers private sessions to prenatal, postnatal and post-rehabilitative clients.  One of many amazing things about Brigitte is that she has made Rooted Boston a truly mom and baby-friendly studio.   All her private sessions are open to infants and crawlers, allowing breaks for diaper changing, feeding and bathroom trips.  She also helps to hold, soothe, entertain and watch your baby while you get the attention you need.

Om Births at Down Under Yoga in Newton, Cambridge and Brookline

Om Births founder Bec Conant is all about supporting a healthy mom, healthy baby, optimal birth and comfortable pregnancy.   In addition to online prenatal yoga videos, mommy & me yoga for postpartum parents and Hypnobirthing classes, Bec’s popular in-person prenatal yoga classes are offered at the Down Under School of Yoga studios all around Boston.

Stay tuned for postpartum resources on breastfeeding/lactation support, mental health, pelvic floor PT, infant care, parenting classes & more!

About Diana Snyder

A former associate attorney at top New York and Boston law firms with six years of birth advocacy experience, Diana is the founder of Matrescence, a private doula service supporting women and families through birth and postpartum, and Birth Rights Solutions, a legal practice dedicated to women's rights in childbirth and the practice of midwifery. She is the architect of the landmark California lawsuit, Turbin v. Abbassi, in which mother and rape survivor Kimberly Turbin sued her obstetrician for battery following a 12-cut episiotomy performed after he berated her for saying, "No". Diana previously served as outside counsel to the Bay State Birth Coalition, a consumer organization advocating for legal recognition of certified professional midwives in Massachusetts, and helped author proposed legislation for CPM licensure in the Commonwealth. Today, she resides in Eastern Massachusetts with her husband Mike, son Bennett and beloved vizsla, Rocky.

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