Are you an expecting parent in the Greater Boston area?  There are so many amazing classes, professionals and organizations you can take advantage of.  From prenatal yoga to chiropractors to new parent groups, Beantown has much to offer growing families.

One of the many roles of the doula is to be a great source of recommendations to parents.  Indeed, my certifying organization requires that I assemble a comprehensive, multi-category list of Boston area resources as part of my application.  A core need of many expecting parents is childbirth education classes, so I am releasing that portion of my resource list here.  I hope you find this helpful, and as always, please stay tuned to my blog and website for more information!

The Monarch Studio, 170 Spring Street, West Roxbury

Founded by doula and herbalist Lauren Evans to provide support and play for growing families, The Monarch Studio is a staple in the Boston area.  With an extensive roster of classes and support groups, it can be hard to focus on just the childbirth education offerings.  But here goes.  At the Monarch Studio, you can find not only a traditional childbirth education class, but also Boston’s one and only Hypnobabies class.  Hypnobabies teaches medical grade self-hypnosis as a pain management technique for childbirth.

Mama & Me, 284 Amory Street, Boston (Jamaica Plain)

Mama & Me is also a well-known location in the Boston area.  Located in the JP Brewery complex, it offers a comprehensive range of childbirth preparation classes and postpartum support groups.  Their current roster of prenatal classes includes a regular childbirth education class, a natural birth class, and a class focused on comfort measures.  Mama & Me offers package deals permitting up to 20% off for those who bundle classes.  Classes are typically taught by certified childbirth educators.

Baby Beginnings New England, 191 Highland Ave, Somerville

Baby Beginnings New England has two locations on the outskirts of Boston — one in room B4 at the Somerville Arts at the Armory and another at 800 Turnpike Street in North Andover.  Childbirth education is available both privately and in group form.  There is both a traditional class, and a class focused on comfort measures.

Newton-Wellesley Hospital, 214 Washington Street, Newton

The only Boston area hospital to make my list, Newton-Wellesley has an impressive roster of childbirth ed and other classes of interest for expecting parents.  Options range from your standard multi-session classes, to those focused specifically on natural birth or cesarean birth.  Hypnobirthing classes and quick refreshers for repeat parents are also available.  Instructors at Newton-Wellesley tend to be certified by BACE-NMC (the Boston Association for Childbirth Education/Nursing Mothers Council).  BACE-NMC is a highly regarded Boston organization.

Birth & Beyond of Jamaica Plain, 520 Centre Street, Boston (JP)

Birth & Beyond is a comprehensive wellness center in the JP neighborhood of Boston.  Like many of the locations featured here, Birth & Beyond offers a range of classes and support groups beyond just their childbirth prep options.  But they are unique because they are the only Greater Boston location offering a Birthing From Within course.   I am a big fan of the Birthing From Within approach, which is special and important in that it centers on helping parents turn inward to better understand their own motivations and fears, and discover their own inner resources and guiding forces.  Birth & Beyond also offers a Hypnobirthing class (like Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing focuses on self-hypnosis for birth).

Fenway Health, 1340 Boylton Street, Boston (West Fens)

The specific mission of Fenway Health is to serve the needs of the LGBTQ community.  In addition to a comprehensive array of healthcare services, Fenway Health also offers resources for expecting parents, including a prepared childbirth class.  The class is held in its Ansin Building, which is the largest LGBT health care, research and education facility in the world and a staple of Boston’s West Fens neighborhood.  There are also LGBTQ parenting classes, baby basics classes, and more.

WellPregnancy, 5 Warren Ave, Bedford

WellPregnancy is a Boston area birth service offering private childbirth preparation.  Class options range from natural birth to cesarean birth, in addition to a host of other complimentary offerings focused on lactation, newborn care and perinatal support.  The founder is well-known locally for teaching not only expecting parents but also for having trained many of the Boston area birth professionals.

Healthy Families, 191 Merrimack Street #301, Haverhill

In collaboration with the highly regarded Boston agency Birthing Gently, whose founder has a special focus on teen moms, Healthy Families in Haverhill is offering childbirth education classes specifically for young parents (under 21) on the following schedule for 2019.

Boston NAPS, 387 West Broadway, South Boston

Founded by former Boston area labor and delivery nurses, Boston NAPS offers a variety of services in addition to childbirth education, including sleep training and infant feeding assistance.  I highlight Boston NAPS primarily because they offer a class for parents expecting multiples.  It is a private, in-home class.

About Diana Snyder

A former associate attorney at top New York and Boston law firms with six years of birth advocacy experience, Diana is the founder of Matrescence, a private doula service supporting women and families through birth and postpartum, and Birth Rights Solutions, a legal practice dedicated to women's rights in childbirth and the practice of midwifery. She is the architect of the landmark California lawsuit, Turbin v. Abbassi, in which mother and rape survivor Kimberly Turbin sued her obstetrician for battery following a 12-cut episiotomy performed after he berated her for saying, "No". Diana previously served as outside counsel to the Bay State Birth Coalition, a consumer organization advocating for legal recognition of certified professional midwives in Massachusetts, and helped author proposed legislation for CPM licensure in the Commonwealth. Today, she resides in Eastern Massachusetts with her husband Mike, son Bennett and beloved vizsla, Rocky.

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